Braise and deep fry 

Kitchen Technically, virgin olive oil is distinguished by the following criteria of many other natural edible oils: It is more durable, and it undergoes upon heating the fewest changes. The food-chemical explanation for this is: As soon as oxygen, light, heat, or even metals to vegetable oils act which oxidize fatty acids and decompose. If the oil is heated, proceeds even faster this process. And the higher unsaturated fatty acids are, the more unstable and more prone they are to decomposition processes. 
Virgin olive oil, however, is relatively stable. This is due to its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids. In addition, it has enough natural fat companion substances such as tocopherols. These known as vitamin E nutrients keep the extra oil before decomposing oxidation processes. All these characteristics suggest that you can use for steaming and braising, the gentle frying and in observance of some rules, even for frying good virgin olive oil without hesitation.


Frying with olive oil 
Generally, all oils of any kind, never be heated in a closed pan, they could ignite. 

When frying with olive oil at the right temperature is important. Potatoes, vegetables, tender meat and fish frying over moderate heat. The temperature is just right, when bubbles bubbly form as soon as you put a piece of bread into the hot oil.


Steaming, boiling, melting

100 ° C.


120-180 ° C, fry later 200 ° C


140-180 ° C. Fry, after addition of water 100 ° C


180-260 ° C, the final product itself has a lo


180 ° C.

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