What does it means filtered or unfiltered?

The oil that is obtained is already ready to be consumed, even if it is freshly squeezed almost like "fruit juice" looks like.

This clouding the flesh to see how analogue in a natural fruit juice. They are not negative, but on the contrary contain highly healthy fat companion substances and antioxidants. In addition, olive oil retains its characteristic taste so.


Therefore, many mass producers filter their olive oil additionally chemically. The chemical filtration is not necessary, but serves to delay the inevitable and durability regardless of unpleasant taste developments. In addition, the typical taste of the olive variety is destroyed in this way. Therefore chemically filtered olive oils taste more or less identically.


Despite the nätürlich, independent filtering our olive oil while waiting for the lab results, we decided:


A large amount of our, Armeno olive oil, to make a slight filtration through cellulose filter to all water and small pulp particles which remain in the oil to be removed and so to obtain a clear olive oil, compared with the chemical filtration the natural flavor of our quality Olive oil does not interfere.


Denoch we have bottled unfiltered also a certain amount of our high-quality olive oil in bottles for sale, to meet the needs of our clientele.


Klick here and we show you how a paper filter in kind looks!