Here we want to introduce our ingenious business idea to you!

Every year the same question appears in the companies: What presents should we give to our employees and customers for Christmas, anniversaries or other business reasons?


We have the ideal answer to your question!

Give something which not everyone gives, something which inspires every addressee!


Extra virgin olive oil from ``Armenos``. (Available in 0, 25 liter bottles, 0, 75 liter bottles or in 5 liter Bag-in-Boxes)


We supply big and small companies with our extra virgin Armenos-olive oil, who use it as Christmas present or as mentioned above for their employees and customers.

For bigger order size ask for a non-binding offer. Especially in the area of wholesale, hotel business and health care (hospitals, rehab facilities, retirement homes and special treatment homes) or in the whole German economy area, we are pleased to submit you an offer.



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