Olive lower cholesterol, protect the heart, reduce high blood pressure and prevent arteriosclerosis ago. They protect the body, not only from the inside, because olive oil and extracts are known to be a popular beauty aids. All that knew already the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, who even then they paid high importance of the olive.

Add to this that the olives contain many vitamins, minerals and trace elements, such as vitamin E and phytochemicals that protect both against cancer. Find out in this article why the olives are so healthy and how to use them for beauty care.

Olive-the healthy and delicious helpers for all of us...........

  1.              stimulate the metabolism

    • aid digestion and are helpful for constipation

    • relieve bloating and intestinal inflammation

    • regulate fat metabolism and reduce the value of the bad LDL cholesterol, but not the beneficial HDL cholesterol

    • thus protect the heart and help to reduce the risk of heart attack

    • protect against breast cancer, since many unsaturated fatty acids contained in the oil, which reduce the amount of oncogene Her-2/neu in the body. These oncogenes are responsible for the transformation of a cell into a malignant tumor cell.

    • help with gallstones, because the oil of the olive is stimulating and supportive at the flow of bile.

Olives and Olive Oil Health and Disease Prevention