Who and what is behind the name ``Armenos``?

Our enterprise is a small family business.


From the beginning of the olive harvest in November till the end of December, depending on the weather and ripeness of the olives, we work together with our harvest helpers.

After sending our helpers into their well-deserved end of work, we transport our olive-filled sacks into our local olive mill, where the olives get processed into our good olive oil the next morning.

Not until all of our olive trees have been cleared, we take a sample out of our load to send it to the laboratory for a chemical analysis.

We don´t bottle our oil before the lab results arrive. In your and our interest.

The analysis results are back in 20-30 days.

Our oil works independently in this time. Now it can sediment the particulate matter (very small particles of fruit flesh from the pressing) in a completely natural way, so the gentle filtration before we bottle it will be unproblematic.

The oil is bottled. Now we work again by labelling and packing the bottles into cardboard boxes for transporting it to Germany.